• I am no longer updating these themes, but expect big things once I get the HTC Evo 4G LTE in my hands. Cheers.
  • Dreamlyfe.Satin | Slider Image


    Silky-smooth in its appearance, Dreamlyfe.Satin features interweaving tabs and a low-profile app drawer icon that, visually, will make your homescreen standout as one of the coolest.

    Smooth Design | Multiple Colors

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  • Dreamlyfe.Ice | Slider Image


    Dreamlyfe.Ice was designed with 3d depth in mind. It features a one of a kind app drawer icon that is completely functional and commands attention from your friends.

    3D Design | App Drawer Icons

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  • Dreamlyfe.Mini | Slider Image


    Dreamlyfe.Mini is the perfect upgrade to the .original pack! By shaving off a few pounds and adding some color, this theme reclaims the title of the perfectly clean, minimalist theme.

    Sleek Design | Multiple Colors

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Hundreds of Icons

  • Hundreds of general and specific text icons are included in order to account for every app, and meet your full customization needs.

Envious Friends

  • Every phone deserves a personality. These themes reduce clutter, and allow for your personality to shine through. Show off, and enjoy the admiration.