• I am no longer updating these themes, but expect big things once I get the HTC Evo 4G LTE in my hands. Cheers.

Themes/ Dreamlyfe.Sharp

  • Dreamlyfe.Sharp | Image

Although you do not need to be rooted to use this theme, it is not available in the Android Market, and it is not a self-installing .apk file. General instructions are located below, and a detailed install guide is included in each download.

What you get

  • Demo Version
  • Dreamlyfe.Sharp dock (grey)
  • Phone, Web, Apps, Text, & Email icons

  • Full Version
  • Dreamlyfe.Sharp docks (9 colors)
  • Offset docks (supports custom grid setups)
  • 150+ serif text icons
  • Text icon templates

  • Included colors: (glow)
  • Red | Blue | Green | Orange | Gold | Purple | Pink | Teal | Tan

What you need

Before you download and install the theme, you must install LauncherPro on your Android device. You can download it from the previously linked site, or search for it in the Google Play Store.

You will also need a desktop computer to download and unzip the files before you transfer them to your Android device.

FYI: These themes can be applied to other 3rd party launchers, but I am only able to supply install instructions and provide customer support to LauncherPro users.

What to do

Following your purchase, download info will be sent to, either, your paypal email address or the address you used when you made your payment.

The theme will be delivered in the .zip format. You will need to unzip the file in order to access the theme files.

A "readme.rtf" file is included in your download. Refer to it for detailed instructions on how to install the theme onto your Android device.

If you have any additional questions or icon requests feel free to contact me by email.